C++/Fortran: Cannot open 'ifconsol.lib' VS2013/XE 2013sp1

C++/Fortran: Cannot open 'ifconsol.lib' VS2013/XE 2013sp1

I recently upgraded to a new HD and re-installed all my development tools. In the past, I followed many topics answered by Steve Lionel to resolve fortran/c++ issues. I'm not sure what's wrong, but I can't seem to get things to work this time. 

My VS solution contains a C++ empty project and a static fortran library. I added lib/ias32 to VC++ directories for debug/release in win32 (everything is win32 atm) and set the C++ project to depend on the fortran project. The problem is that (.lib) files aren't being seen unless I add them to the C++ source folder directly (drag and drop into VS). If I edit the C++ proj's properties->linker->additional library dependencies and add the path to the ias32 libraries, I get LNK1104. What am I missing?


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I also want to note that adding all the (.lib) files via drag and drop onto the C++ proj's source folder allows the build to go through.

This article has answers to your questions. Read it all carefully.

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I've read that document (have it saved on my computer actually). I think I managed to get things to work without that step the first time I did it, but I did a lot of things so I'm not sure which one caused the problem to go away. However, adding the following line to Configuration Properties->Linker->Additional Dependencies made it work.


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If you followed the steps in the article, you would not have needed that, and I don't recommend that method at all. Instead you could add $(IFORT_COMPILER14)\compiler\lib\ia32\ to additional library directories. By using *.lib that way you're randomly linking to every library in the folder, some of which duplicate entry points.

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Okay, I think what happened was that.. I wrote ias32 instead of ia32. That explains a lot..

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