Binary was not built with debug information

Binary was not built with debug information

Hi everybody, can someone help me please. This time I''m facing another problem with my code, it just starts running and then stops with massage:

Binary was not built with debug information

I don't understand what does it mean

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You have not stated how the application was built and how you tried to run the program, so the following is based on conjectures.

If you tried to run an EXE from the Visual Studio in the Debug mode, but the EXE was not built with debug symbols, source level debugging cannot be done; assembly level debugging is still possible, but you probably do not want to do so. 

If, on the other hand, you believe that the program is OK and just want to run it within Visual Studio, (i) choose the "start without debugging" option, or (ii) simply ignore the warning message that you wrote about or (iii) run the program from a command window.

Thank you very much, it is now working with option start without debugging, but it seems the results are not ok.

Can you help me with this error,

the shapes of the array expressions do not conform [ALFA]

recently I had it but commented all declarations for AW, AE, AS, AN and it disappeared.


DIMENSION     U(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),V(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),
     &              W(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),ALFA0(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),
     &              ALFA(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),ALFA3(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),
     &              ENT1(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),P(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),
     &              UQ(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),VQ(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),
     &              WQ(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2),ALFAQ(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2)
c    &              Q31(NX+2,NY+2,NZ+2)
C      DIMENSION      AW(2:NX+1,2:NY+1,2:NZ+1),AE(2:NX+1,2:NY+1,2:NZ+1),
C     &               AS(2:NX+1,2:NY+1,2:NZ+1),AN(2:NX+1,2:NY+1,2:NZ+1),
C     &               AB(2:NX+1,2:NY+1,2:NZ+1),AT(2:NX+1,2:NY+1,2:NZ+1),
C     &               AP(2:NX+1,2:NY+1,2:NZ+1),AP0(2:NX+1,2:NY+1,2:NZ+1),
C     &               B(2:NX+1,2:NY+1,2:NZ+1)

ALFA(I,J,K) = ALFA0(I,J,K) + DT*(SC+(AW-AE)/DX + (AS-AN)/DY + (AB-AT)/DZ)

Best regards,



Andrijana wrote:
I had it but commented all declarations for AW, AE, AS, AN and it disappeared

Yes, it is easy to deceive the compiler by removing essential declarations, but the results are usually disastrous. The errors now happen at run time, and are much harder to detect and remedy.


The error message is self-descriptive. Consider the assignment statement for ALFA(i,j,k). (Presumably, that statement is inside a triple DO loop with indices i,j,k. You really should show all relevant code, otherwise it is similar to diagnosing a sick person's malady by viewing him/her only through binoculars). The left hand side is a scalar. The right hand side, on the other hand, contains array names such as AW, etc., and is, therefore, array valued. You probably should subscript all such variables with appropriate (triple) subscripts. If, on the other hand, you do wish to use an array assignment, the variable on the left and the expression on the right should match as to rank and the extents of each of the indices.

If you remove the array declarations for AW, etc., by default these will be scalar and of type REAL, so the expression being assigned will be a scalar. This matches the type of the subscripted variable to which the value of the expression is being assigned, so there is no more a mismatch as to scalar versus array type.

I'm sorry that I had not sent the code earlier. There is some mistake since it doesn't calculate ALFA. An expression for it can be found in Subroutine CALAL1.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!



Downloadapplication/octet-stream 16.07.2014.vfproj4.32 KB

You attached the project file. Instead, please attach the source files (the ones with the *.FOR names), zipped together.

I hope you can open it now


Downloadapplication/zip Project 11.zip23.41 KB

     There are numerous errors in the program, many of which will be revealed if you use the compiler's /warn:interfaces option. For instance, the call to subroutine CALTW in main.for has implicitly declared scalar arguments in positions 11, 12 and 13, but the corresponding dummy arguments are declared as three-dimensional arrays in the subroutine. Some common blocks used in different subprograms do not have matching sizes.

     Until such glaring errors are fixed, it is pointless to attempt to run the program.

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