Where to Find Latest Info on IVF 15.0?

Where to Find Latest Info on IVF 15.0?

Where should we look for the latest information about the upcoming Intel Visual Fortran (IVF) 15.0?  E.g., what legitimate information is there about new features that will be included and likely release dates?

Please let us know anything that you're allowed to tell us.  TIA.

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

Release dates we can't be definitive about, but it should be "soon". As for features, we gave an overview in the public beta announcement - nothing more will be published until release, but on the standards front, we have:

  • Full Fortran 2003
  • BLOCK from Fortran 2008
  • EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE from Fortran 2008

There's a lot more.

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