runtime crashes

runtime crashes

I am currently moving a large code base over to the Intel fortran compiler. This task is almost complete, and the code is now executing as expected, however visual studio 2010 keeps crashing while I am debugging. These crashes occur either when stepping into a particular procedure, or when hitting a break point inside of the procedure. I receive the error message: Microsoft visual studio has stopped working. windows is checking for a solution to the problem... The studio then restarts with no explanation as to what caused the crash. Curiously, if I step over these procedures, they run fine and my debug session continues.

I understand there is not a lot to go on here, but I would appreciate any suggestions

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Have you installed Visual Studio 2010 service pack one?

I met the same problem with you when I used VS2010 to debug Fortran and C++ code. But after I moved to VS2012, it never happens.

I have seen that myself. I think the cause is stack corruption usually down to call interface bugs in your code.

Looks like VS debugger thread crash probably dreaded access violation error. In order to find what could went wrong you can check event viewer and look for Application Error entry.

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