File I/O Unformatted Stream Vs Binary

File I/O Unformatted Stream Vs Binary

I am not familiar with opening a file with form set to Unformated with Acess set to Stream. Is this identical to opening a file with form set to Binary. If not, since they are record free files would something written with both forms produce the same binary? What would be the pros/cons between them if there is a difference. Right now I am able to postprocess form set to binary with python, but I assume it should work with stream because its equivalent to a C-binary?


Thanks as always.

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Yes, it's the same (for unformatted). 'BINARY' is an extension, ACCESS='STREAM' is standard.

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would produce the same file as:


Assuming all the WRITEs are the same, yes.

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I've been using FORM='BINARY' for years now with scratch files and a few others. I understand that the introduction of STREAM was at least partly to standardize the way different compilers implemented BINARY, for compatibility reasons. There was one little twist I found; I was using ACCESS="APPEND' in one case,, which is another extension and incompatible with STREAM. Fortunately, the POSITION keyword in OPEN came to the rescue....

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