Internal compiler error (C0000005)

Internal compiler error (C0000005)


I am trying to update from version 10.1.013 of the Fortran compiler to Visual Fortran Compiler XE  The code compiled without error in the old version.  With the new compiler the build aborts with code 1.  Checking the BuildLog.htm has the message:

   fortcom: Fatal: There has been an internal compiler error (C0000005).

   compilation aborted for . . . (code 1)

I would like to submit this issue to Intel Premier Support, but I get a Not Authorized message when I try to go to IPS.

I have gone to the License Manage web page and requested to "Get Premier Support".  I get an email that says to wait one hour and click "here" to complete the configuration.  After one hour (and two hours) I get the following message:

Account verification incomplete

There is a delay for the final configuration of your support account. Please wait approximately 1 hour and click the same link in the email you received, to complete the configuration.

Want more help? Contact support.


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There are any number of causes of an access violation (C0000005) error in the compiler, and to record the bug report and to suggest workarounds it is necessary to have access to the source code in question. If it is short, you can post it here. Otherwise, you may process it through Premier Support.

The source file that generates the error has ~4300 lines.  It's part of a project with about 50 other source files, plus four other projects.  As the consultant that developed the program, I do not have the right to post any of the source on a public forum.

I would like to process it through Premier Support, but I get the "Not Authorized" web page when I try.

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I will get you help on the Premier Support access issue.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks Steve, I now have access to IPS and have submitted the issue.

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