Formatted Direct access files cr/lf different in Debug/Release

Formatted Direct access files cr/lf different in Debug/Release

Using the command

        OPEN(UNIT = 9, FILE = FILLIN, RECL = 200, FORM = 'FORMATTED', &
          ACCESS = 'DIRECT')

I get a file with CR/LF ending the 200 byte records in Release whereas the file has only CR (or maybe just LF) in Debug.  Why?

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Compare the project options - there is probably one you have set in one configuration and not the other. I would look specifically at /fpscomp.

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I am noting the Release executable has the options

/fpscomp:ioformat /fpscomp:ldio_spacing /fpscomp:general

whereas the Debug executable does not.  Are these the cause (or the savior)?

Yep. It's /fpscomp:general that is causing the difference.

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That did the trick, putting /fpscomp:general as an "AdditionalOption" in the debug executable.

Thank you.

Most of these options are legacy, as in were implemented before I saw the code 8 years ago.  Where might the documentation on such things be?

Same place as the other options - in the compiler documentation. Look in the index under /fpscomp.

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