Watch: Unable to display array elements in VS 2013

Watch: Unable to display array elements in VS 2013

I cannot display array elements such as Y(X(1:6)) in the Watch window in MSVS 2013 Pro with XE2017.

X(1:6) displays the correct values ... 45, 46, ... 50

Y(45:50) displays the correct data

But Y(X(1:6)) reports Subscript out of range.

X is an integer array, Y is REAL(8)


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In addition, this error occurs when there has been a fatal runtime error on this line, due to invalid memory access.


Where NSEED is a parameter integer (=6).

Rebuilding and rerunning using XE2016 results in no runtime error and although the data values look identical to when running the XE2017 version.

Despite this, TFLOW(NOSD(1:6)) or TFLOW(NOSD(1:NSEED)) cannot be displayed in the VS Watch window.

Do you have /debug-parameters:used  set? The debugger doesn't evaluate parameters as variables without this.

Interesting. The 2016 VS integration would not allow Y(X(1:6)) at all. It looks as if we added some support for vector subscripts in the watch window in 2017 but I see the same behavior you do here and will report it. Issue ID is DPD200415034.

If you could come up with a self-contained example for your other issues, we'll be glad to investigate.

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I expect this to get fixed in Update 2 to Parallel Studio XE 2017.

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