rc.exe not found

rc.exe not found

I have a piece of code that runs on another computer that I'm trying to compile and run on my computer but whenever I try to build the solution I get an error rc.exe not found. I've done some research and believe that the issue is related to having the wrong combination of Visual Studio and Intel Fortran installed together. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling several different version of both VS and Parallel Studio, ranging from 2013 - 2017 but I have not had much luck. The latest combination that I'm trying to run (because I know it works on a co-workers computer) is VS 2015 and Parallel Studio 2016. When I install VS 2015 (vs_community__dacf5a455b1e6f42b116fc4a12963433.exe), everything goes smoothly, no problems. When I install Parallel Studio 2016 (parallel_studio_xe_2016_update3_setup.exe), I get the following warning: "Microsoft Visual Studio* 2015 does not have "Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015" components installed, and "Microsoft Visual Studio* 2015 does not have C++ "X64 Compiler and Tools" components installed." The installation continues and finishes but when I load the project and try to build the solution I get the error "rc.exe" not found. When I search my C:/ drive I don't find rc.exe anywhere. I downloaded "Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015" and ran the executables (vc_redist.x64.exe, and vc_redist.x86.exe), I get a warning saying that the install failed because another version of program was already installed and I should uninstall it before I continue. Can anyone please shed some light on what I need to do to be able to build solutions and compile programs on my computer?


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You get  I get the following warning: "Microsoft Visual Studio* 2015 does not have "Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015" components installed, because you didn't select them for install when you installed VS. They are not in the default install..

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That was indeed the problem. Thanks!

What'll be the solution for this issue, if VS 2017 is used?

If your issue is related to not installing the required C++ component, then for VS2017 the solution is here.

If it relates to the newer Microsoft Windows SDK* (10.0.15063.0) that our integrations are not properly configuring for, then the solution is in our Compiler RNs here. There is also a forum discussion related to the SDK induced case here.

Hope either of those helps.

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