Preprocessor directives not defined?

Preprocessor directives not defined?

I am working on an Intel Visual Fortran solution provided to me by a third party. I am trying to gain a deeper understanding of how this solution is built. The .FOR files included within this solution, for several of them contain preprocessor directives such as #ifdef and #else. I understand vaguely what these preprocessors do (test for definition of a macro). I also understand that the tokens used must refer to a pre-existing macro generated using the directive #define. I cannot find this macro defined anywhere in my solution.

I also know that the definitions are somehow linked to the "Debug" and "Release" configuration set-up in Visual Studio, since the Macro names are such things as "Internal Debug" and "Internal Release". 

Where does visual fortran define its preprocessing macros? If it uses a provided construct within Microsoft Visual Studio, where is this construct and how can I manipulate it?

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Preprocessor directives can also be defined for files within a project or individual files using the Fortran > Preprocessor > Preprocessor definitions property (assuming that the preprocessor has been enabled for a particular project or file).  This property is also available under Fortran > General > Preprocessor definitions.

Interesting. Thanks for pointing this out.

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