got an internal compiler error (C0000005) in IVF 2017

got an internal compiler error (C0000005) in IVF 2017

My old project making trouble again!

fortcom: Fatal: There has been an internal compiler error (C0000005).

After update to VS2107 and IVF2017(update4, w_comp_lib_2017.4.210), there is an internal compiler error. I have tried to make the question more clear by cutting try the codes. Finally I could repeat the error by some brief code and compiler option. But I don't know if it is a general case, after all people around won't update the compiler as often as I..

My simple code as below. And the error only occur in debug configure by set 'Debug information format' to Full (/debug:full), and 'Inforamtion for parameter constant' to All (/debug-parameters:all).

There is no problem with IVF2015 and some early versions I have in hand.

module M

implicit none

character(LEN=40), public, parameter :: Name = "Name"
subroutine foo1 ()
implicit none
    call foo2(Name)

end module


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A workaround to consider in such situations is to fall back to an older version of the compiler (on your machine or another) for compiling just the one file (or just those files) that triggered an ICE with the current compiler. In other words, do manual intervention to supply the OBJ file that the newer compiler is unable to produce.


BTW: My compiler version is update4(w_comp_lib_2017.4.210). But the defect seems not be fixed..

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Unfortunately, when the original problem was fixed, it was fixed only for numeric data.   The character parameter fix will be available in a future update.


Thanks for all!

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