Getting text from an edit box control

Getting text from an edit box control

I am writing a simple windows application and in my main window message processing function I create a child window that is an edit box:

        btn = ior(ior(WS_CHILD, WS_VISIBLE), ES_LEFT)
        hEdt2 = CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, "Edit"C, ""C, btn, 101, 134, 100, 20, hWnd, 10, ghInstance, NULL)

This executes correctly and I get a child window that is an edit box control. Note that this child window resides in the client area of my main window; it is not part of a dialog box.

I enter text into this edit box and I want to read that text into a character variable. I tried the GetWindowText(hEdt2, ...) function and that returned an empty string. I tried SendMessage(hEdt2, WM_GETTEXT, ...) and SendMessage(hEdt2, EM_GETLINE, ...), and they also returned empty strings. How can I read the text from an edit box control that is not part of a dialog box?



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Both method should work but remember if your string is gbuf you will probably need  to pass loc(gbuf) in the LPTSTR for the Sendmessage

not 'probably' --

rval = SendControlMessage (hwnd, controlId, WM_GETTEXT, length, LOC(contents))


My bad - I forgot to declare the edit box handle with the "save" attribute. When I did, both GetWindowText and SendMessage (using loc function) worked correctly.

Thanks for your help.

Glad you fixed It Steven,

@Paul, LOL yes not "probably need", I think I meant "probably need to add because you maybe haven't already"  

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