IVF 2018: Invalid Signature on .vsix components

IVF 2018: Invalid Signature on .vsix components

Hello all,

I am trying to Install IVF 2018 on two offline systems. I am getting an "Invalid signature" error when the VS 2017 Integration components are trying to be installed (.vsix extensions). I already tried step #1 and #8 from this link https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-software-development-tools-integration-to-vs2017-issue​ . The components that are failing are CPUSideRDM_VSIX_V15.vsix on Win7 and Intel.CommonToolsPkg.vsix on Win10 located under the IntelSWTools folder. I do see the COMODO and the Intel CA certs already installed.

Any ideas on what cert or step I am missing?

Thank you!





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