Two ICEs

Two ICEs

Case 1: It is simpler
Compiling with Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler [IA-32]...
fortcom: Fatal: There has been an internal compiler error (C0000005).
compilation aborted for E:\20170520\Program\20180609PICMCIMM\20180609PICMCIMM\code\pic\FieldBounday.F90 (code 1)
Module ModuleFieldBoundary
  Use ModuleControlFlow
  Use ModuleField
  Use ModuleParticleBoundary
  !Use ModuleParticleBoundary
  Implicit none
     Type FieldBoundary
                        !Integer(4) :: XStart=0,XEnd=1
                         Integer(4) :: FieldBoundaryModel=10
                         Integer(4) :: Timer=0,Period
                         Real(8) :: Dt=Inputdt
                         Real(8) :: Frequency(2)=(/13.56d6,2.d6/),Voltage(2)=(/200.d0,100.d0/)
                         Real(8) :: V1=0.d0,V2=0.d0
                         Real(8) :: Vdc=0.d0!-20.d0
                         !procedure :: Init=>InitilalizationFieldBounday
                         !procedure :: Updater=>UpdaterFieldBounday
     EndType FieldBoundary

end  Module ModuleFieldBoundary
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One would need the sources for all the dependent modules to do anything with this. Have you tried it with 18.0.3?

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") - Retired from Intel

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