Intrinsic Assignment of UDTs with Allocatable Components

Intrinsic Assignment of UDTs with Allocatable Components

Attached example executes without error if compiled with IVF, but fails when compiled with or

Failure with this exact code is an "access violation". I have been experimenting with this problem on my main code for the last 2 days, and various error modes can occur, depending on presence or absense of SEQUENCE, Padding, and allocatable attribute of AFL. I have tried it with and without /standard-realloc-lhs. Sometimes the assignment completes with no error, but the APRES array is full of garbage. 

From my reading of the 2008 Fortran standard, it appears that the assignment is legal. But I may be wrong.

Downloadapplication/octet-stream ivf_test.f9017.93 KB
Downloadapplication/octet-stream vf_test.vfproj5.11 KB
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