Failed to finalize the result - result is empty and may be an error during data collection

Failed to finalize the result - result is empty and may be an error during data collection

HI, I am trying to tune application using Intel vTune amplified XE 2011. I attched vTune to my process. When I did hotspot analysis , at the end it says result is empty. I am not sure how to debug further? Btw, I was able to get results for lightweight hotspots.

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Usually using lightweight-hotspots can monitor all active processes in your system to get performance data.

If you use user-mode data collection (hotspots, concurrency, locksandwaits) with attach-to-process mode, Here are my comments: 
1. User account has privilege to attach target process
2. When attach a daemon process, use user account that daemon requires. Add this user account to "vtune" group

Can you please try "Launch Application" mode to verify if there is same problem?

Can you please try VTune™ Amplifier 2013 Beta U3 to verify? (See "sticky" thread in our forum)

Thanks, Peter 

Hi Peter, I tried using intel vtune amplifier xe 2013 and it doesnt help. It was working if I have .exe but not for attach to process. Again my scenario is, i need to profile the dll which will be loaded by complex third party applications. Is there clear document / pointer on how to get profile data

I was also aware of such problem before, the program exited abnormally - if target process (part of modules, or related module) worked in system mode, when I tried to use hotspots with attach-to-process mode. There are two workaround:
1. Use hotspots to lauch target process, and other DLLs (including child processes) will be monitored. You can select your interest of dll to view in bottom-up report.
2. Use lightweight-hotspots with attach-to-process mode, to profile your interest of process. Select/Filter your interest of module in report.

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