Please, I need help for my thesi

Please, I need help for my thesi

Hi all! My name is maria, and I am trying to make my thesis. I have to identify hotspot in program code with Intel Vtune Performance Analyzer 9.1 for Windows. The programs that will use are the examples of Intel - matrix, matrix_mt, matrix_optimized.PLEASE, can you tell me which events and functions of event-base sampling have to analyze, for finding hotspot and optimizing the program code! Give me some advice, Please!

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VTune Performance Analyzer is an old product, and no update, no technical support again.

This old product doesn't support new silicon, new operation systems - please use current VTune Amplifier XE 2011 to profile your applications or use example applications.New product has many predefined analysis based on PMU event-based sampling, for example - you can use General-Exploration analysis to find potential issues in your code.

Regards, Peter

Thank you very much for your answer, Peter. But i have to do it with VTune Performance Analyzer, so that there is new version, but when I started my thesi, I have started withVTune Performance Analyzer, and now I have to finish it with the same product. Please, give me some advice which events have to choose, and inctruction for identifying all types of hotspot in my application. Thanks at all of you!Maria

Hi Maria,

There is no update for VTune Analyzer, but if you work it on old CPU and old OS - I remember that you can use event ratio - said "basic tuning events" it includes Cache misses, Branch Misprediction, etc

Sorry I may not remeber them in also can use "Tuning Assistant" (see online help) whichwill identify Top N issues in your code.

Regards, Peter

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