More than one sampling at the same time

More than one sampling at the same time

Dear experts,Isn't it possible to execute more than one hotspot sampling at the same time with VTune Amplifier XE?I am trying to perform both collections at the same time:

amplxe-cl.exe -collect lightweight-hotspots -result-dir=BasketballDrive TAppEncoder.exeamplxe-cl.exe -collect lightweight-hotspots -result-dir=BQTerrace HMEncoder.exe

but the following error shows up when I try to set up the second one:

ERROR - A sampling session is already in progress - Abort current run.
Sampling session is already in progress.
Error in sampling collector. Error
code - 57

Best regards,G. Correa.

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PMU resource can only be accessed by one process of the product, at a time.

Use hotspots instead of lightweight-hotspots, can run two sessions at same time.

Regards, Peter

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