Issues With V-Tune not resolving source properly.

Issues With V-Tune not resolving source properly.

Hi,Intel v-tune cannot seem to resolve the function source code.I get something like this;fucntion_hot_spot() xxxx msbut it does not expand on this.

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I can't see your screen shot and I suppose that you have to check - if you built your binary with symbol info.

Secondary, if you already have symbol info - regarding that you said "function_hot_spots() xxx ms" - probably you haveset your source search directories in project properties (ifsource file is located at different directory of binary), and do Re-resolving on existing result.

Good luck.

Regards, Peter

Hi,I have made sure that the /Zi and /DEBUG are specified. It does not matter what analysis I use, always the same result.Here is a shot

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I guess that you want to know hot line(s) in DVQuantizer::encodeBlock()BecauseDVQuantizer::encodeBlock is called in deep loop, it might be compiled by inlined function if you specified optmization options. It means CPU time ofDVQuantizer::encodeBlock wat counted in functionDVQuantizer::encode().If you use Intel C++ compiler, please read this article to solve this problem.Otherwise, you can use assembly view, to find associated (hot) instructions inDVQuantizer::encodeBlockThanks, Peter

Thanks, following that article resolved my issues.

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