Calculation of MCPS using CPU time

Calculation of MCPS using CPU time

Hi, I am using Vtune Amplifier to calculate the hotspots of an executable that does speech coding.I am using a processor with clock speed 3Ghz.I see Elapsed time as 20.04 s and CPU time as 13.13sNeed help to calculate the MCPS for the CPU time obtained

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CPU time was collected from different cores, different threads - simply summarize them to get final data. Elapsed time - just record process start time stamp, end time stamp to most of time, CPU time > Elapsed time, if application is multithreaded application and worked on multi-core platform. Sometime Elapsed time is approximated to CPU time if application is a single application.

Back to your case, Elapsed time >> CPU time,it means applicationwas drowsedat running time - I guess.

Regards, peter

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