general Exploration for Sandy bridge

general Exploration for Sandy bridge

Hello Everyone,

Is there an official guide for general Exploration for sandy bridge Microarchitecture. I found some presentations by intel on it . I know there is an awesome guide for Nehalum but I could not find anything similar for Sandy Bridge.


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Here isthe guideline to tune software on Sandy Bridge -

General Exploration Analysis includes many "commonly use" events, and also give out results(indicators) in report by usingmany Formulas, mentioned in above guideline.

Regards, Peter

Actually I have gone through this presentations. I was looking for something much more elaborate. Something like they have for xeon and Nehelum.


I am doing collection for a sandybridge target, but my viewer is core2. I run the target collections all from the commandline.

After reading the contents of the link from above (, I'd like to be able to run the same configurations listed in the GUI;  but from my core2 viewer, it doesn't show me what the settings for sandybridge are.  Instead, if I click around in the Sandy Bridge area, it says "This anlysis type is only defined for processors based on the intel micro...Sandy Bridge...".   Since I need to run the gather from the target commandline, can you point me to where I could see what the exact commandline looks like for each of the sandybridge analysis types in the gui?

I answered my own question:  under those menu items for sandybridge, way down on the lower right there's a button for "commandline".  Press that, and the commandline is revealed.  On the dialog that pops up, you'll see a couple of options;  uncheck the "Hide knobs with default values" to see even more.

Here is URL to talk about VTune(TM) Amplifier XE tuning guideline for all recent supported processors.

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