VTUNE Amplifier XE [Unknown stack frame(s)]

VTUNE Amplifier XE [Unknown stack frame(s)]


Recently we have started seeing a lot more of the following in our profiles

[Unknown stack frame(s)] 17.773s [Unknown] [Unknown stack frame(s)]

How can we resolve what this is, as it is majority cost in the profile.


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I may need to know more about the nature of the application you
wish to analyze, The amplxe-cl command line being ran (how you are performing
the analysis), the Intel VTune Amplifier XE and VTune version and update
level, Compile method / switched, OS, etc.
However, the document Resolving
Unknown Frames
may be of interest and may explain some of the behavior
you are experiencing.

- Rob

Please also check the resource below for additional help: https://software.intel.com/en-us/node/530158


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