Statistical call graph visualization

Statistical call graph visualization

I am evaluatign the product for a Linux application, I am not exactly trying to improve performance, but to study the current application we have.
Reading the forum I know the call graphs are no longer exact which is fine because I have plenty of other tools for that. I think the wall-clock time is a better tool for identifying the hot spots any ways.
However, that would be nice if I could get a nice traditional diagram of the statistical call graph, then I could print it on a large paper and study the paths taken.
BTW, I can use gprof2dot application with callgrind, gprof, perf, oprofile, ... with really nice results, if there is any documentation on the saved format that could help in creating a plugin for VTune as well.
One more thing, the comparision assumes both profiles run exactly for the same duration, is there anyway to normalize the results by total time consumed?

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1. The user can export VTune resultin gprof format:amplxe-cl -report gprof-cc -r r000?hs
2. The user can use amplxe-gui to open result and view in Top-down Treepanel, which has a tree view with all function nodes (with total CPU time and self CPU time).

Regards, Peter

It's possible to use gprof2dot with VTune results - read this blog post.

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