system API support

system API support

Hello,In vtune help manual section 'API Support'->'System API', it says "The Intel Vtune Amplifier support interpretation of Linux OS APIs." I was wondering what kind of interpretation it does ? How can we tell if vtune is interpretating the api when looking at the vtune GUI. Thank you.yuanfang

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VTune Amplifier XE traces instruction execution to retrieve performance data, usually we call it hotspots data collection. The user also can run Concurrency Analysis / LocksAndWaits analysis, the tool should monitor (instrument) System APIstorecordpthread's behavior's, Sync Objs, IOcalls -showthem in timeline report.

Additionally Intel Threading Building Block, and Cilk Plus will be supported. OpenMP programming will be supported. However if you defined your threading pool, and manipulate them by yourself - it willNot be supported.

Hopefully I have answered your questions.

regards, Peter

That's much clear to me now. thanks.

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