How to monitor Autocad extension dlls (objectarx .arx)

How to monitor Autocad extension dlls (objectarx .arx)


I'm currently evaluating Amplifier XE and is struggling a bit to figure out how to monitor extension dlls (arx) inside the Autocad executable (acad.exe). When running analysis, some dll's shows up, but no extension dlls. Just abaout 10-15 dll's shows up in the list after the program run (ntdll.dll, GDI32.dll etc, but none of my extension dll's).

Target type is set to attach, and all relevant folders are set up in Search directories.


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Hi Roar,

Could you please provide your Amplifier XE command line? To get you should press "Get Command Line" button:

Where are that dlls show up? Is it list of hotspots in bottom-up view? If so, absence of your dll may indicate it is not in the top CPU-consuming module list.


This is my command line:
amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -knob accurate-cpu-time-detection=true -follow-child -strategy=:trace:trace -target-duration-type=short -no-allow-multiple-runs -no-analyze-system -data-limit=100 -slow-frames-threshold=40 -fast-frames-threshold=100 --search-dir sym:p=D:\Programming\VCOutput\NP19\x64\NpDebug\Solpal_new --search-dir sym:rp=D:\Programming\VCOutput\NP19\x64\NpDebug --search-dir sym=D:/Programming/SVN/NP_ACAD/src/NP_All/DevelopU/Area/solpal/Solpal_new --search-dir sym=d:/symbols --search-dir sym=d:/symbols/singlepdbs --search-dir sym=srv*d:/symbols* --search-dir sym=D:/Programming/SVN/NP_ACAD/src/NP_All/DevelopU/Area/solpal/Solpal_new/r)atlmfc/src/mfcm --search-dir "sym=d:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC/atlmfc/src/atl" --search-dir "sym=d:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC/crt/src" --search-dir sym=d:/symbols/microsoftpublicsymbols --search-dir sym=d:/NP_DIST/trunk/NP_Master/x64/NP_Acad/Binaries --search-dir sym=d:/Programming/VCOutput/NP19/x64/NpDebug/ImExQuadriG4 --search-dir sym=d:/Programming/VCOutput/NP19/Win32/Debug/SharedLibrariesToolpaletteRC --target-process acad.exe

My SOLPAL.ARX is not in the bottom-up list as I expected.

GLOWCODE measures that SOLPAL.ARX is using 24% of the time (SOLPAL.ARX is "hooked").

GLOWCODE output (last message got to big?):


Can you provide your VTune Amplifier XE results with debug info? You may make the forum thread private for it.
1. Set environment variable TPSS_COLLECTOR_TPSSTOOL_DEBUG to value "t":
2. Run your collection
3. Archive the result directory and attach to the thread.

We'll take a look at yourcollection. Also please provide name of your extension and some function names from it to look for.


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