Using VTune for .NET Application

Using VTune for .NET Application


I try to evaluate VTune Amplifier XE 2011 Update 7 for profiling .NET Applications, but I have problems with resolving the symbols in used .NET dlls (for c++ profiling and c++/cli profiling everything seems fine). I saw a post that mentioned problems with dynamic loaded assemblies via the reflection API, but my testcode doesn't use reflection.

I created a main program (a .NET console application) that calls a class in another .NET dll, but no matter which search directories are added, the symbols in the referenced .NET dll are not resolved, it always shows "[Dynamic code]" and "[0@]" (the symbols in the main program are resolved).

Everything is compiled in D:\\temp\\ConsoleProfiling\\ConsoleProfiling\\bin\\Release (ConsoleProfiling.exe, ConsoleProfiling.pdb, ConsumingHelperProfiling.dll, ConsumingHelperProfiling.pdb).

- I tried to run it from Visual Studio 2010, standalone GUI and standalone command line version and always got the same result.

- Is there a simple working sample for using vtune with several .NET dlls(the settings in the search directories would be of special interest)

- thanks jan

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This problem disappeared if you try VTune Amplifier XE 2011 U8.Set "Managed" code profiling or "Auto" code profiling in Project Properties.I suppose that this was a fixed bug in old Update.Regards, Peter

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