vtune is slow

vtune is slow

an application takes much longer to execute on vtune than directly executing it.so does that mean time elapsed shown by vtune is wrong?what could be the possible reasons?Is there a way to get correct elapsed time using vtune

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I may need to understand more about what you wish
to accomplish. However, runtime is
relative to what is being ran in the environment. Collecting data always has a cost. If you are attempting to determine where an
application spends most of its time so that you can optimize an algorithm,
function, etc., then you can for example analyze for hotspots. This optimization process is usually iterative
and a high-level process might include steps such as specifying the target
application, running Hotspots analysis, interpreting the result data, view and
analyze the performance critical function, modify the code, re-build the target,
analyze for hotspots again, then compare the results before and after the
optimization to determine if the optimization action taken had the intended impact. Can you provide more
information about the problem you are attempting to solve?

- Rob

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