elapsed time in each function

elapsed time in each function

Suppose i have a C code with multiple threads running in parallel. Is there a way we can find out the execution time of each function in the code.i want to find out the elapsed time and not the cpu time.

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This is a good question!

1. If your program is single thread application. CPU time(of hotfunction) isequal to elapsed time.
2. If your program is multithreaded application.If hot function only was executed in one thread,result is same as case 1. If hot function was executed in many threads, CPU time (of hotfunction) isequal to the summary of elapsed time1 in thread 1, elapsed time2 in thread 2,...

You can group data to "Thread/ Function / Call Stack" to knowelasped time ofthe function in each thread, in bottom-up report.

Regards, Peter

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