How am I supposed to test Parallel amplifier?

How am I supposed to test Parallel amplifier?

Am I the only one having issue with this software? I ran a "test", 2 minutes of our software monitoring "lock and waits".. It produced an output of about 50 MB.. Now, I'm waiting for the result to show up.. 15 minutes later, 3 GIG of ram allocated in devenv.exe and still no sign of life at the end of the wire..
Any ideas?

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I gave it another try.. This time, results showed up (after 8-9 minutes "loading data")However, after few minutes of digging the results, it completly froze devenv UI altogether.. No CPU usage.. Deadlocked I guess..

FYI:I'm using a core i7 quadcore hyperthreaded, 8 gig ram, running Windows7 x64 and VisualStudio 2010 SP1.My system is known to be stable and running VisualStudio and applications for weeks without a single reboot or application crash..

My opinions are:

Since LocksandWaits collector will capture more info than Hotspots and Concurrency, it may take more time during finalizing stage if you use 120 seconds. There are two workarounds to reduce finalizing time:
1) You may run application shortly, select small data set, or
2) You may use VTune Pause/Resume API to profile application in critical code area,
3) You change (enlarge) sample interval to reduce sample count then save finalizing time,by right-clicking on LocksandWaits analysis type (on GUI) to do "Copy from current" to create your new analysis type, change settings.

Hope it helps.

Regards, Peter

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