How can I find log file which save the final report data?

How can I find log file which save the final report data?

Hello,sorry for ask for device, the tool I use is the Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2011 and my os is linux.I have a question is,I can't find the analysis result log file though I have already read the document "Intel Vtune Amplifier XE 2011 Getting Started Tutorials for Linux* OS",I want the data information like the GUI final project report show,ex: the process ID"8791"producea thread ID which is "0x2259",but I hope these data can be logged in a file and I can open it to use the data not just show on screen by Vtune's GUI, I want to take the thread ID just like I say before to use,Please help me how can I find the log file or how can I do.Thank you a lot for your answer.Best RegardsKevin

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Log file only records status and what you did with date, etc. Log file doesn't include performance data info, anymore.

If you worked on VTune GUI, open Bottom-up report after collecting data, select multiple lines (rows), then right-click to select item "Export to CSV.." togenerate .csv file. So you can open it without using VTune GUI.

Note that you may use "Grouping" funuctionin bottom-up report to select preferred thread ID, then select some functions under that thread.

Hope it helps.

Regards, Peter

Thanks for your answer a lot, I will try the skill you said soon.
I will post about the result here,thanks for your answer again.Best RegardsKevin

Hello Peter, Sorry for ask again, I want to use the log which is save the thread ID not function information,EX: when I chose "Attach to Process" as analysis target, this PID is 8791, chose bottom-up I can see two thread(0x2257, 0x2258) are produced by PID 8791. I want a log file which save that a process I chose can prodece what thread (ID).In other words, I want to know when a process execute, what threads do it produce? please help me again, how can I do?Should I try other tool, like intel thread building block? Best RegardsKevin

Simply use "Grouping" - "Thread / Function / Call Stack" to change contents in bottom-up report, so allthreads info will be displayed. You can select/export them I described in last post.

Intel? Threading Building Block is not the performance tool,TBB tool helps developers to submit tasks into threading pool, managed by TBB (task scheduler). You can go this forum to discuss any topic.

Regards, Peter

Hello, PeterThank you very much for your answer.Sorry for ask you again,can I let the Vtune continue to record the thread information into the .CSV file?In other words, when Vtune start, can the .CSV file be auto written in continued?Thanks again.Best RegardsKevin

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