hooks when halting a process

hooks when halting a process

Hello,I am trying to run hotspot analysis on a realtime system. The trouble is when I attach vtune amplifier to it, the system crashes.I have the same problem with gdb but I can write hooks in gdb to disable some audit processes when the process stops/continues.Can I write similar hooks with vtune amplifier to enable profiling the system using the vtune amplifier?Or can this be done in conjunction with idb and vtune amplifier?Thanks,Vivek.

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Hi Vivek:

First at all, I want to know if you tried latest Update 7.

I experienced similar thing before (used early version), I suspectthattarget process is shared by other application. If Hotspots collector dynamically instruments the process (binary) in shared memory, it will cause unexpected results. (not sure if this problem will happen in new version...)

Instead you can lightweight-hotspots analysis will capture performance data in low level and there is no instrumentation. For example:
#amplxe-cl -collect lightweight-hotspots -duration 10 -target-process gam-server

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,I could not do it since it required a kernel module compilation. I will try that out.Also, I am using the command line, not the gui. And I could not find a way to check the update. But I downloaded the trial version about 10 days back. Hopefully, it should be the latest one.Can I run vtune in conjunction with idb (if idb supports hooks to stop and start processes whenever vtune amplifier attempts to stop the process to read the stack frames)?Thanks and regards,Vivek.

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