Is Tuning Assistant still available in VTune Amplifier

Is Tuning Assistant still available in VTune Amplifier

I used a previous incarnation of VTune that offered a very clever assistant. Looking at your hotspots, it would take you to generalised but appropriate tuning advice.

I think it was called the Tuning Assistant.

Can I invoke the same functionality from VTune Amplifier


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Hi Paul,

VTune Amplifier XE doesn't has Tuning Assistant again.

Instead you can use predefined analysis type, for example - "General Exploration" which allows to collect many performance counters. The user can see highlighted functions for variedissues, such cache misses, block store forward, branch misprediction, partial address alias, splitload/store, local dram LLC misses, etc. Thus, the user canmonitor manyH/W performance issues like as TuningAssistant, but run them in one session (TA will run several sessions, on session monitors 4-6 performance counters). Finally locatevaried performance issuesat problematical functions directly.

This approch is much better (effecient) than TA, in my view.

Thanks, Peter

Thanks Peter,

I may have used the wrong name in my original post.

The feature I was recalling, was the one that took you to relevant documentation. So if you were looking at Branch Mispredictions (for example), you wouldbe directed toan informative bit of text that discussed how Branch Mispredictions occurred, and what were good strategies for reducing their number.

This was in classic VTune Performance Analyzer, but I am not seeing it readily in Amplifier - am I looking in the wrong palce or has the feature been discontinued?



If I understand correctly, you want to know advice of issue's root-cause and how to reduce them.

VTune Amplifier also provides such info in the report, just move the mouseon the column with highlighted events of problematical function - it displays yellow-box and contents are issue's advice (and explained why it is critical, provides the formula and "threshold" ).

Regards, Peter

Please see below example:

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