"cut" beginning of result file to improve gui responsiveness

"cut" beginning of result file to improve gui responsiveness

I have made a collection and trigged itt_pause with an issue condition. Therefore, I'm only interested to analyse what happended just at the end of the collection.
Is there a way to "cut" the beginning of the result file, in order to improve gui responsiveness ?

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Did you see the "Start Paused" button and us __itt_resume to start collecting only when you are ready to? That is how you "trim" the beginning - don't collect it! ;)

yes, I use the pause/resume API, but I have to face a cusality issue : I can only notice issue after it has occured, and do call a _itt_pause in this case. However, I have to collect from the beginning in order to catch the events before the issue...


There is no way to 'remove' the data, once it is collected. You can, however, filter out the data you are not interested in. Select an area in the timeline and then choose "Zoom in and Filter in by Selection", e.g.:

Now, only the data collected during that "timeslice" will be displayed in the data grid and the timeline:

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