Analysis taking a long time

Analysis taking a long time


I am using Intel V tune amplifier for performance analysis. But i am having the following issue while I am working with it. In my knowledge the target can be either an executable, a process or system wide analysis. I have an executabe at my hand. And I am using Launch application for load the executable from the project path. While i am trying to launch the application , I am having a process under the same name which is getting attached to it. Is it the right way? I am not able to use strictly one of these, I mean either launch application or attach to a process.Or may be my understanding is wrong. Please help on this.

When I start the analysis, it is taking more than 8 hours , and is still not going into completion. Please help me in resolving this issue. My requirement is just the evaluation of basic performance metrics like CPI, elapsed time, CPU time, memory access etc. I just have an executable at my hand, which is running perfectly fine. And I need to evaluate the performance metrics for that application. Please help.

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Ifthe toollauchedtarget application, the tool will collect performance data of launched application only - exception is thatyou specified -system-wide option, thus performance data of all active applications in system will be collected & Analyzed.

If youhave many processes with sameapplication name running, you can use -target-pid tofocuson interest of process.

If starting analysis more than 8 hours, finalizing stage will be longer -my opinion is to use Pause/Resume API inserted in your code to control/analyzeat interest of code area. Please refer to this article.

My opinion is to use "General Exploration" analysis type to profile, whichincludes basic metrics likeCPI, L2 Miss Ratio, Branch Mispredict Ratio, etc.

Regards, Peter

Thanks for the valuable information. I appreciate. I have few more queries:-

1)If I stop collecting data within 10 seconds for an application whose execution time is more than 10 seconds, wouldprovide an incorrect performance info I guess.

2)Do i need to run the applicaton before I start the Vtune Amplifier New Analysis.

3)Is there any option to invoke just one of the three options? While I click on Launch Application, the options like attach to process and profile system are getting automatically enabled.

Rahul AR

1. It does make sense that execution timeismore thanprogram's running time - becasueof includingtool'sself start/stop time. It should be little, if you run application longerthen you will find overhead is low.

2. If the application is invoked by the tool, you don't need to run it manually first.

3. I don't understand "I click on Launch Application,..." very well - but when you create a new project (on standalone app GUI), you have three options (launch application, attach to process, profile system) to choose, each one has itself GUI.

Regards, Peter

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