use on shared library

use on shared library

hi all..

I'm using TBB 2.1 on Centos 5.2 64-bit to build a shared library built with gcc 4.1.2 which is loaded as a plugin by
a commercial application (no debug build). Is it possible to use VTune and Amplifier on the library while it is running under the control of the application? I would use the trial to test it, but company policy currently makes this difficult.


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My comments are:
1. You can analyze a commercial application, which loads your app (built by gcc with "-g" and using TBB). It doesn't matter there is no symbol info from this commercial application, but your plug-in module will be analyzed (the tool will detect loaded module and instrument it dynamically).

2. You can filter results by selecting "Module / Function / Call stack" in "Grouping", that focus results on your interest of module.

3. Please set LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly in console, then run amplxe-gui or amplxe-cl.

Regards, Peter

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