Application Parameters in "ample-cl"

Application Parameters in "ample-cl"

I have recently download the Intel Vtune Amplifier. Until now I was doing analysis using ample-gui tool. I now need to do about 50 analysis taking 2-3 hrs each. To manually sit and run using ample-gui is a time consuming job. I decided toschedule the task using shell script via ample-cl command.Does anybody know how to set "Application Parameters" (as it is called in gui version) using ample-cl command?

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If you need to pass parameter to your application, you can simply set them just after the application name, using the following pattern:

amplxe-cl [modifier-options] [[--] [target-options]]

For example parameter "4" is passed to nq-serial.exe, that is run under amplxe-cl:
amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -result-dir r001 nq-serial.exe 4

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