Unable to complete amplifier analysis when OpenMP is enabled

Unable to complete amplifier analysis when OpenMP is enabled


I am unable to completea concurrency analysisusing amplifier xe ofmy project with OpenMP Support enabled.

After a window pops up indicating myprog.exe has stopped working I see the following message on the Collector Messages window of Ampilifier XE:

Warning: ntdll.dll instrumentation requested more than once ...
Target process's profiling finished but the following processes are still being profiled:
001752 003704 RESUME E:\\Visual Studio 2008\\Projects\\myprog\\Debug\\myprog.exe
You may stop collection manually. The processes listed above will be terminated.

The error occurs regardless of if I actually have any OpenMP directives in the code. The analysis completes without any problems when OpenMP Support is not enabled.

I'm using Parallel Studio XE with VS2008 and compiling with the Intel C++ compiler on Windows 7.

Note: I don't have any problem running the analysis when the program is compiled with the VS C++ compiler.

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It seems that main thread exited, but child-process still ran. Can you specify "-duration" (wait all to exit) to stop profiling to solve this problem?

It's betterif you can provide a simple test case for investigating.

Regards, Peter

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