Amplifier XE report issue

Amplifier XE report issue

Now I have a hotspots run finished. It shows that I have a "call stack" "Fa(at up)<<-F1<-F2<-F3....." with CPU time "100 sec" meanwhile, at "Function(full)" panel, it listed "Fa". When I clicked in "call stack", it goes to "F1" instead and shows a "cpu time" about "7 sec" at a "do..while" statement. When I click "Fa" directly, it shows that at a "if (statement) Fn()" uses about "90 sec". So I'm a little puzzled. Here are my questions:

1. For bottom up view, do I need to focus on "Fa" or "F1" here? And in my program, "F1" didn't directly call "Fa". Is it possible that this will happen?

2. For top down view, "cpu time" for "Total" is always 0. Is it correct? Should I check "CPU Time: Total" for percentage only?

3. For the hotspot located, since it's a "if statement with Func call", why doesn't vtune goes down? Or does it mean that the "if satement" itself is the bottleneck?


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