Serious error occurred

Serious error occurred


- Install Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 8.0.1 Build:22013 to Windows machine
- Create new project
- On Linux machine compile the test with '-g -fno-inline' options by Intel compiler
- On Linux machine obtain tb5 file via SEP by the command:
taskset -c 12 sep -start -app ./gzip.le.g.exe -args "input.program 60" -out ./gzip.le.g.exe.program.tb5 -event-config "CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.THREAD","INST_RETIRED.ANY","MEM_LOAD_RETIRED.LLC_MISS","UOPS_ISSUED.ANY","UOPS_RETIRED.ANY","L2_DATA_RQSTS.DEMAND.I_STATE" >./gzip.le.g.exe.program.out
- On Windows in VTune Menu->File->Open File
- Select obtained tb5 file and import it to the current project
- Imported Sampling Results->Right Click->Module associations
- [Edit]
- Enter the path to the test binary
- [Reassociate]
- [Close]
- Double click on Imported Sampling Results, 'Sampling Modules' is displayed
- Double click on one of the modules, 'Sampling Hotspots' is displayed
- Double click on one of addresses

Expected: source view is displayed
Actual: dialog is displayed saying: "Line number information is not available for this module. Only disassemble view will be available. Do you want to continue?"

- [Yes]

Expected: disassemble view is displayed
Actual: error dialog is displayed saying: "Unexpected error has occurred. The source view window now will be closed" (actually it was not opened)

- [Ok]
- Error dialog is displayed saying: "A serious error occurred in file D:\\VTune5.0\\analyzer\\src\\SVDPVTSvdp.cpp at line 1526 (Unexpected problem has occurred. The Source View window will now be closed.). The failed HRESULT that produced this error is 0x80340004. Please contact technical support."
- [Ok]
- 'Sampling Hotspots' is displayed

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Max,I will research the behavior you experienced with with version 8.0.1 as you noted and hope to have additional information soon.ThanksRob

This may be a know isue with VTune 8.0. After upgrading to the Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 8.0, you may receive this error message when attempting to open the source view:

A serious error occurred in file D:VTune5.0analyzersrcSVDPVTSvdp.cpp at line 1526 (Unexpected problem has occurred. The Source View window will now be closed.). The failed HRESULT that produced this error is 0x80340004. Please contact technical support.

This can be the result of left over configuration files. Please exit the VTune analyzer and remove all files of the formvtenv.stg*from the user's VTune application directory, e.g.,C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataVTune. Now, restart the analyzer and attempt to open the source view, again.

Let me know of the outcome.


I tried this solution but it doesn't help. The problem is reproduced the same way.


Can you confirm that all vtenv.stg* files in directories like C:\Documents
and Settings\\Application Data\VTune directory have been moved or
deleted? This is typically the
resolution for this specific error.

If the behavior persists, can you provide / verify the following:

Was a prior version of VTune installed
on this system and then upgraded to VTune v8?

- Have you successfully used VTune on this system before, or is
this a new install?

- Can you successfully analysis data from other remote systems or
even the local windows system?

- Is the behavior persistent (occurs each and every time on all
analysis) or is the behavior sporadic?

- Can you provide the uname -a and /proc/version output for the remote system where data is being collected?

Any additional information you can provide may help us determine a
root cause or further scope the behavior.
This information will help us scope the behavior and narrow the problem.



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