Installing VTune XE on Ubuntu 10.04

Installing VTune XE on Ubuntu 10.04

I'm currently trying to install Intel VTune XE on Ubuntu 10.04 (I know that it is not officially supported but it should work afaik).

When I execute the installation, the complete installer is run (with a message about an unsupported os) and in the end it says that the installation has been done in /opt/intel. When I look at that directory, no files are created except 2 empty directories ActivationTools and Licences. Is there some way to get feedback on what is going wrong? (e.g. some kind of installer logfile

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I suggest to try new tool on Ubuntu* 9.10, which already is supported in latest VTune Analyzer 9.1 U8.

I can findvtune_amplifier_xe_2011_install.log under /var/log afteinstalling the product.

Regards, Peter

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