an oddness problem when run vtune9.1 update 8 for linux

an oddness problem when run vtune9.1 update 8 for linux

Hello, everyone:
I installed vtune 9.1 update 8 for linux successfully on my platform.
The Plateform is as follows:
CPU: core i3 550
I create a newsmpling project step by step through click the next button. However, there is an oddness problem when I slected a sampling wizard. In the "linux executable application" dialogue, there are no response when I click the next button. But the "ALT+N" command could forward the next window. I'm assure the the mouse works well. Andin the last dialogue,the "finish" button is the same as before.I want to ask if there are some bugs in the vtune9.1 update 8 for linux FC12 on core i3 platform.
Would you give me some possible reasons aboutabove phenomenon.
Thanks a lot.


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I suppose that was caused by new OS, please see this article.

Hope it helps.

Regards, Peter

thanks ! It's the best answer.

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