VTune hard locks under VMWare/Ubuntu 10.4

VTune hard locks under VMWare/Ubuntu 10.4

Trying to evaluate VTune under Linux, I'm running on a Ubuntu 10.4 VMWare virtual machine under Windows 7. The sampling starts and then the virtual machine hard locks. Is this a VTune/VMware issue, or is it more likely to be a Ubuntu 10.4 issue? Perhaps because I have paravirtualization on?

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It is a little difficult to tell what exactly is causing the problem in this specific case, as neither Ubuntu* 10.04 nor VMware* are supported by VTune.

The most recent supported version of Ubuntu is 9.04. More information on supported operating systems can be found in the VTune release notes.

VMware is not supported because it does not virtualize the processor control registers which are used by the VTune analyzer to collect sampling data.



VMware Fusion 5 supports now Intel VTune Amplifier event sampling: details

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