After applying the steps defined to make performance analysis on .Net Application,I reached the hotspots, we find hotspot on a function called ShowListView , On pressing the function to reach the code we find the clockticks = 1 and The Tuning Assistant doesn't support us with solution,
We want to know how the clockticks = 1 and the system refers that there is a hotspot !!
Also if there is a hotspot how we can resolve while Tuning Assistant doesn't support Us
What is the situation in case of don't find hotspots ?
Please find the following image for more declaration:






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I don't see your .jpg files; I guess you used some strange Windows version-dependent scheme to attempt to attach them.
VTune is not making a judgment when it places functions in the hot spot list; it collects all functions with 1 or more samples. If the function was hit only once during your sampling session, and the run was long enough (1000 times your sample-after value), this is not a hot spot. You certainly couldn't expect tuning advice for a function which doesn't have hundreds of samples.

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