Best time to renew license

Best time to renew license

My VTune license expired last September, and I've procrastinated in renewing it. If I renew it now it will expire again in six months. Would it be better for me financially to wait until this coming September to renew it, or will I lose my renewal privilege and have to purchase the product as a new user if I wait that long?


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Financially, it is a toss up: you receive a discount for renewing, but you only get to use the license for six months. If you buy a new license, you pay more but get it for 12 months.

Do NOT wait until September to renew: the renewal applies to the existing license and extends it for one year. If you wait to renew, you will get a license that expires on your anniversay date (i.e., almost immediately). You would then have to buy another renewal to get 12 months from that date.

Buying a new license gets you 12 months worth of support and updates from the date of purchase.


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