64 bit - Error in module "c:program files (x86)intelvtuneanalyzerin32ecgraphinst_ia32e.dll" - Copying module failed.

64 bit - Error in module "c:program files (x86)intelvtuneanalyzerin32ecgraphinst_ia32e.dll" - Copying module failed.


I have just started trying out vtune and have been successful in running it in "sampling mode". It works great.

However, when trying to profile a dll deployed in IIS server, I get the following error.

Tue Jan 13 00:56:25 2009 Static instrumentation done
Tue Jan 13 00:56:25 2009 Error in module "c:\program files (x86)\intel\vtune\analyzer\bin32e\cgraphinst_ia32e.dll" - Copying module failed.
Tue Jan 13 00:56:26 2009 Data collection halted...

I am not sure where it is trying to copy. Also, I have setup the callgraph profiling only for this DLL.

Any pointers on this error would be of great help.

Please note that this is a 64 bit intel platform running windows 2003.


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Quoting - rajesh_b_2k
Please note that I have disabled WFP also by setting 1 in SFCDisable in regedit. This ensures that the windows file protection is disabled

Hi Rajesh:

I can't say for sure, but usually these types of failures are related to user permissions. So, the analyzer is attempting to copy one of its files to the location where your ISS DLL resides. Does the user account that is running the VTune analyzer 1) have access to the VTune analyzer file and directory, and 2) does the analyzer have access to the directory where the DLL resides? Are there any access limitations?

Otherwise, can you tell us which version of your OS and ISS are running on this system? Perhaps we can attempt to duplicate the problem.

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