Any way to view function data at a particular time?

Any way to view function data at a particular time?

Is there any way to look at function data for a particular time frame? For example, let's say I want tolook at how many times a function is calledstarting from the 5th second after my program begins until the program ends. I tried using Vtune's call graph but that seems only to display function data for the ENTIRE run of the program.

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Please use Sampling Over Time view function, that helps you to filter data from results based on specific time range, or you can use/call VTuneAPI in your code to control data collection.

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Basically, you can use the Pause and Resume control of the VTune analyzer to do what you want. First, configure the activity to "start with data collection paused" and then either use the Pause button in the tool bar or insert calls to the Pause/Resume APIs into your code. Now you can control *when* data is collected.




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