Web base application.

Web base application.

I am new for v-tune.
I have an application which is developed in JAVA and I have a bat file for run it if I try to do the Quick performance analysis and gave the .bat file path for the lounch application path then should it test performance for my developed application or for the J-boss in which the application runs.?
Because its showing the results for jvm files and all, not for my application files results.?

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Profiling Java code requires special configuration which the Quick Performance Analysis wizard does not support. Please select either the Call Graph or Sampling wizards. Also, you may want to review the online help regarding Java profiling.

Thanx Mr. Anderson,
But can you tell me the link for the online help.
From where I can see the online help for the java code performance testing.

Thanx again Anderson...!!!

I am assuming you are using the VTune analyzer for Windows because you've posted this topic in this forum. Therefore, go to the Start menu, select Programs and then Intel Software Development Tools. Now, select Intel VTune Performance Analyzer for Windows and then select Help for VTune Performance Analyzer for Windows. Or, from the Help menu of the VTune analyzer, select Index. Now type "java" and select sampling wizard, for example. On the resulting page, select Java profiling. On the Sampling Java* Applications page, see Step 4 and click on "Script" to see a discussion about how to configure an activity that launches a batch file that starts a Java application.

ok thanx lets try it :) !!!

Thanx for the reply!

I have tried it with sampling data collection wizard and given the .bat file for sampling the application, when I finish with configuration it will start the application and in the general (output tab) its showing that collection for the following event(s) is being performed: clockticks, instructions retired. and then goes for processing the application which I am testing is still running but not data gets updated for the v-tune performance even.... after waiting for hours it wont showing any changes done, then if I stop the application (my application which is I am testing) which is running back side then only it will write result and data for it that data collection done successfully and show the data but its different every time I tried.
Can you tell me the reason for it?

Hi baijutrivedi:

This is default behavior when you specify to launch an app, namely, the data collection continues until the app ends. Batch file works the same way.

BTW, the VTune analyzer does not show a "real-time" display of the sampling results, since that would impact the performance of the system and thus skew the results. Results are only displayed after data collection ends.

Normal performance measurements should be accomplished with a repeatable workload. Please review the "About the Overall Tuning Methodology" topic in the online help.

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