Unable to Bring Up _ANY_ collectors while using RDC

Unable to Bring Up _ANY_ collectors while using RDC

This pertains to: VTune for Windows/ V9.0/ Build 623 + Corresponding Linux RDC

I am trying to bring up a Sampling Collector for Linux RDC from a Windows GUI/Client.

I try to do the following steps:

New Project --> Advanced Activity Configuration --> New Data Collector --> Remote Systems --> --> Click OK

What I get after this is the previous dialog box for "New Data Collector"; But, to my surprise, I do not have _ANY_ collector in the text box for "AVAILABLE COLLECTORS FOR SYSTEM"

On a different Windows laptop, my colleague is able connect & run on the exact same Linux RDC. I need this resolve on an ungent priority.


Hari Tadepalli

Intel/ Chandler

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