Profilersr Bro-IDS using vtune

Profilersr Bro-IDS using vtune


Currently I'm on the job of profiling Bro. I have been trying to use vtune profiler but has been unsuccessful. As I try to profile the vtune gets hanged. May be because that I haven't given the proper specificatins regarding

1. Application to launch:

2. Application arguments: (optional)

3. Working directory: (optional)

I believe that vtune profiles the binary file of Bro. Please tell me the binary file corresponding to the Bro IDS software.

Can anybody suggest any other profilers for the software other than vtune which is user friendly?

I shall be much obliged if anyone come up with a solution to help me.


Bro-IDS v1.2.1

Fedora 6

vtune v9.0

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Abin C M

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