Another problem with Vtune 9.0.016

Another problem with Vtune 9.0.016


I have installed Vtune 9.0.016 for Windows. (i have 32 bit XP Windows)

if i tune any exe (vtundemo.exe for example) by qick performance analisis i have error:

Wed Aug 22 15:20:45 2007 MONSTER (Run 1) Setting Sampling CPU mask to 0-3

Wed Aug 22 15:20:45 2007 MONSTER (Run 1) The processor PMU configuration file: pmm.xml

Wed Aug 22 15:20:45 2007 MONSTER (Run 1) Collection for the following event(s) is being performed:


Wed Aug 22 15:20:45 2007 ERROR: MONSTER (Run 1) Invalid path (4)

i don't know what path Vtune wants.

please, help.

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and i have installed Vtune for another machine with Pentium 4M CPU.

it works.

but i still need to install Vtune on the previous machine (Core 2 Quad)

and, btw, with threads Profiler i have similar problem.

please, help, i am stuck

HV: don't use the QPA!!

Just use the Sampling wizard and see if it doesn't work better!

Ihave used theSampling wizard too.

it gives the same result

In my case the reason was cyrillic username, so VTune cannot manage it's own files into Documents and SettingsCyrillicUserName directory.


Im dealing with the same issue right now, so, you say that the name was the problem ?, what did you change to solve it ?. Is it a configuration issue ??

Thanks in advance

Hello again!!!

I already solve it, what I did it is to change an with a e in path name when saving the project. and then Vtune uses the new path in all new projects.

Thanks anyway

We've encountered similar problem. The solution is to create projects in writable folder (check user rights), and the project path must contain english characters only.

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